The Ultimate Bra Liner
CupCare makes bras more comfortable by acting as a barrier between your skin and the bra.

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What is CupCare?

What is CupCare?

CupCare is a thin, soft, disposable nonwoven liner that attaches to a bra and covers the wires for a perfect look.

The skin-soft bra liner protects the skin below the breast, absorbs sweat, providing day long comfort and helps to save the bra from the wear & tear of constant use and laundry (as bras are expensive, delicate and easily ruined).

CupCare will make any bra more comfortable by acting as a barrier between the skin and the bra.

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CupCare is perfect for...

CupCare is perfect for...

✔   Women on the go

✔   All year round

✔   Absorbing sweat

✔   At weddings/events

✔   On a wired bra or inside a dress

✔   After a tanning session

✔   Protecting delicate bras

✔   Everyday comfort


  • Protects Your Skin

    CupCare acts as a protective barrier between the skin and your bra.

  • Absorbs Sweat

    CupCare remains dry while drawing the moisture away from the skin.

  • Feels Comfortable

    CupCare is so thin that you can barely feel it is on! Your bra simply feels softer.

  • Saves The Bra

    No more discoloration around the wires. Your new white bras will actually stay white.

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Will it be comfortable?

Very comfortable, you actually cannot even feel it. CupCare will simply make your own bra feel more comfy.

How will I know where to place it in my bra?

There is no wrong or right in placing CupCare onto your bra. It’s your choice where to place it. You can always relocate it over again. Start with aligning the middle of the liner to the middle part of your bra, and that's all! It's very intuitive.

How often do I need to change it?

Usually, anywhere from every day to every other day.

Will CupCare fit my bra size?

The CupCare liner’s design and shape can accommodate all bra sizes.

What type of bras does it fit?

CupCare is designed in such a way that it can actually fit any type of bra. The cloud shaped design makes it extremely versatile and it can accommodate smaller or larger sized bras of all types.

Can the disposable fabric cause rashes or allergies?

No! The top layer that touches the skin is made of a very soft and hypoallergenic Non-Woven fabric that’s completely safe to use.