Turning An Idea Into a Product

Having invented the product at 17 years of age, it has been a long wait for Avigail Perl, founder of CupCare. "During my last year in high school, and after years of hearing my mother complain about her bra, I came up with the idea of placing a thin soft barrier between the skin to the bra" Perl recalls. "I sat down and started sketching my idea down but it took another decade to actually pursue it as a real product".  

In 2011, Perl started the process of applying for a patent and raising funds for her idea. Once the ball started rolling, Perl was determined to find out how many women (other than her friends and family) would like the idea and want to use such a product. After conducting several large scale surveys, the results were so positive and were exactly the deal of approval Perl was waiting for in order to move forward.

After a successful launch campaign on Indiegogo, Perl and her growing team of designers and engineers, the process of manufacturing was underway. Throughout the process, the team at CupCare has been vigilant about maintaining the highest level of materials and quality control in order to provide our customers the best product possible. "Before anything, CupCare is a solution. A solution to a problem and it is that which matters most to us - understanding women's needs and making them feel more confident and comfortable in their bras".

As of the summer of 2016, CupCare The Bra Liner is available both on our site and can be found on Amazon