Fall is Coming

Summer has come and gone, it's time to air out our fall coats and prepare for the approaching winter. It's been a long summer, but a slightly easier one this year, now that CupCare has launched and our poor bras were spared.

It always amazes us here at CupCare that bras, the one piece of clothing we wear day in and day out, averaging 14 hours a day - are made so delicate! We hate it when our white bras get that grayish-yellowish discoloring on the bottom around the wires; when the wires pop out; when the straps bend and twist; or worse, when they loose their elasticity all together. It sometimes feels like we're in a battle against our bras - somewhere between keeping them clean to keeping them intact.

We just read the cutest article about this very issue in Slate magazine titles: "Bras are the demons of the laundry pile - so wash them as infrequently as possible!", where they recommend not washing our bras very often. That's a great suggestions, unless of course you wear a D cup and above and it is August ;). 

Luckily, the summer of 2016 saw an improvement in the number of bras ruined as a result of over-washing them... Our new bra liner was our bras' best friend this August and it is unbelievable what a difference it made! Bras stayed dry, clean and fresh. 

Now, that fall is quickly approaching and temperatures are slowly cooling down, we can't wait to use our CupCare bra liner under all those layers of clothes. Because we all know that oh so familiar feeling of having your bra moist and sticky stuck far under layers of sweaters and a jacket while standing inside an overly heated subway car.