About CupCare

Our Story

CupCare is a feminine consumer goods company providing innovative hygienic beauty solutions for women. The founder, Avigail Perl came up with the idea of placing a disposable liner inside a bra when experiencing discomfort and frustration from her own bras.

"Women should not be required to experience the discomfort of chafing or have our bras destroyed during laundry. Enough is enough."

To help women find relief - every day - Perl developed CupCare to make any bra more comfortable. CupCare serves as a thin, smooth barrier between you and your bra.


What are we all about?

Here at CupCare, we believe in providing women with the highest quality products made from the best materials available. The CupCare bra liner went through vigorous testing and trials in order to bring our customers the perfect product. We have chosen the softest non-woven fabrics in order to construct a liner that is soft, absorbent and thin enough so women do not actually feel it on. The CupCare bra liner comes in to fill the gap that is left by imperfect bras – it was conceived from women’s needs, invented, and designed by women – for women!


And don't just take our word for it:

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