How CupCare Works?

How To Use CupCare?

1.  Peel the paper cover from the back of the Cup Care liner.
2.  Place your bra on a flat surface with the inside facing you. 
3.  Stick the liner by first aligning the top center point to the center of your bra.
4.  Press the rest of the liner onto the bra cups, leaving the "wings" loose.
5.  Fold the "wings" over the outside of the bra so that they overlap the front.
6.  For best results, FIRMLY PRESS all parts of the liner securely in place.

So What Is It Exactly...?

CupCare is a thin, soft, disposable non-woven liner that attaches to a bra and covers the wires for a perfect smooth look. The skin-soft bra liner protects the skin below the breast, absorbs sweat, providing day long comfort and helps to save the bra from the wear & tear of constant use and laundry (as bras are expensive, delicate and easily ruined).  

Easy to open packaging for simple use! 

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CupCare fits A to E cups